Get Cash for Your Scrap Car

If you have an old or used vehicle, it’s vital to find a way to declutter or get rid of it properly without any problem or challenge. At Dream Lucky, we provide the solution by disposing of your vehicle by offering cash for cars Perth and the best services ever. We collect any vehicle in any condition, and you do not have to worry about how you will get rid of your scrap vehicle.

If your vehicle is driveable, you can drop it off at our car removal company or provide a scrap car removal for your vehicle by sending a truck to pick your scrap car.  Contact us today for a free quote and give you reliable information regarding car removal Perth and scrap car prices.

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Reasons you should sell your car in Perth

Below are some of the reasons why it’s worthwhile for you to have your scrapped or unwanted vehicle recycled with our vehicle removal services.

get cash for scrap car

1. You make a great contribution to environmental protection

Trucks, cars, vans, and SUVs contain a lot of environmentally hazardous materials or substances. Some hazardous substances include motor oil, brake fluid, CFC, lead, and gear oil. These substances may cause a lot of significant damage when they get into the environment. Illegal car disposal is an offense that also causes environmental damage, which is why it’s vital to use our Dream Lucky car Perth services to get your unwanted or scrapped car out of your location or home immediately. We offer high prices in exchange for your scrapped or unwanted vehicle.  Vehicle recycling is vital since it helps in conserving resources and the environment. Valuable raw materials, including glass, plastic, and metal, can be recycled to their highest quality and returned to their original raw form.

2. Earn high pay

We are a car recycling company in Perth that will pay higher prices for your old car in any condition or age. After receiving your unwanted vehicle, you will receive instant cash for the transaction. Your old or unwanted vehicle has a residual value which helps in giving the vehicle a market value and further helps the company find out whether the vehicle is suitable for reuse. Reach out to our vehicle recycling department at Dream Lucky to get scrap car removal services.

3. Avoid crime

It would be best to recycle your old car in an auto recycler’s service, such as car removal or junk car removal services. You should note that you are committing a crime or offense if you are parking a wrecked car beside the road. This is illegal disposal of an unwanted vehicle which could attract a hefty fine or a prison sentence. Thus, a vehicle owner has to submit a disposal certificate which you can obtain from a certified recycling company. Having proper proof will protect you from any offenses of illegally disposing of your old vehicle in public places, roadsides, or private garages.

Best scrap car prices in Perth

At Dream Lucky, we offer vehicle removal services and provide the best value possible for your scrap vehicle. Our expert scrap metal merchants and dealers in Perth offer various services, including scrap metal removal, while at the same time paying you top cash for the scrap metal or car. Make more cash and save the environment with Dream Lucky car Removal Company. Our team is ready to provide metal recycling solutions for any car owner or any large industrial client throughout Perth. We offer a free tow truck service for every vehicle purchase and the best price for our cash-for-cash services. Some of the reasons you should sell your car with Dream Lucky include:

  • Free scrap car collection for residents within 50 km around Perth directly from your office or home
  • Exchange of scrapped vehicles for instant cash; including accident vehicles and vehicles with a damaged engine or gearbox
  • We sell and buy used cars depending on your vehicle.
  • We collect and dispose of car batteries; this includes defective or empty car batteries for disposal.
  • We accept storm, fire, or flood-damaged vehicles and all makes or models of old vans, cars, and tracks with or without a vehicle registration plate.


At Dream Lucky Company, we offer car removal and scrap metal removal at the best scrap car prices. We offer efficient, fast, and reliable car removal Perth and give you instant cash on the spot. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any of our car removal services, cash for cars Perth, or any questions or inquiries regarding our services. We will be more than happy to help and solve your problem.