How to Get the Most Out of Your Damaged Car

Get Cash for Damaged Car

Do you own a damaged car which costs more to repair than it’s seemingly worth? This situation can definitely put you in a little bit of a pickle but there is a simple solution. Using respected companies that specialise in cash for cars in Perth is the way to go! Your damaged vehicle may be worth more than you think and selling to a company like Dream Lucky will guarantee that you will get a fair price for your vehicle. Our team will give you instant cash offers for your car and even organise a free car removal in Perth if needed. If you’re ready to get rid of your scrap vehicle, call us today on 0411 747 174.

Why Is Your Damaged Car Worth Top Dollar with Dream Lucky?

Many people ask the question “can I sell my damaged car?” The answer is you absolutely can. There is is a general misconception that the only value your car has is whether or not it’s able to be driven. This is not the case! There is much more to the value of you damaged car than simply being roadworthy. The reason why our team at Dream Lucky will happily by your vehicle for top dollar is because it will contain a wealth of materials, no matter what state it is in. Some of these valuable materials and parts include the numerous recyclable metals, rims, machinery and tyres. Additionally, there is no need to worry about fixing or prepping your car in any way, as we handle the entirety of the dismantling and recycling process. In fact, we offer free car removal in Perth to completely minimise any hassle you have to endure.

We Provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Landfills

Landfills may be necessary, but they aren’t a good thing for the environment. This is largely due to their negative impacts on the surrounding area, the local community and the ecosystem alike. This includes air pollution, chemical runoffs and tainted groundwater. Our emphasis on reusing and recycling means that less junk is sent to the landfills and more is sent to the recycling facilities. Plus, you won’t need to tow your damaged car as our cash for cars Perth service will be able to take it off your hands, with every step being eco-conscious and mindful of the environment.

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Looking for cash for cars near me? We are a quick and easy car removal service that offers top cash for cars in Perth. We specialise in scrap metal recycling so we see the value in your car that you may not notice. We buy cars of all types, no matter the make, model or condition. With the offer for free car removal throughout Perth and instant cash, there’s no need to hesitate. We prioritise your satisfaction, so we make sure that we’re available to answer your queries. Just give us a call on 0411 747 174 for more information, including a free quote estimate and click here for more details about scrap metal recycling basic knowledge.

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The dedicated owner and operator of Dream Lucky Scrap Metal. He has been at the forefront of ethical scrap metal recycling, exporting, and dealing. With a hands-on approach to the business, Omer ensures that every transaction is conducted with transparency and sustainability in mind.