The Most Valuable Scrap Metal Household Items

The Best Thing to Scrap for Money

Metal recycling is vital since it helps in keeping the environment clean and safe. Various scrap metals can help scrappers earn some extra money. Some of the non-ferrous and valuable scrap metals that you can sell include brass, copper and aluminium. To spend more time scrapping wisely, you can search for keywords, including scrap metal near me or metal recycling near me, which will lead you to some places where you can sell or look for scrap metals. Copper is one of the most profitable and valuable scrap metals due to the high copper price per kg in the marketplace. Reach out to the reliable “scrap yard near me” in Perth, Dream Lucky Scrap Metal’s team are ready to buy your scrap waste and pay fair scrap metal prices.

The Best Thing to Scrap for Money

Highest paying scrap metal

1. Brass

One of the most rewarding and highest paying metals to scrap is brass. Some household items containing brass include serving trays, door handles, bed frames, lamps, and brass faucets. The brass usually found in these items is called yellow brass.

2. Aluminium

Another valuable metal is aluminium, which makes many items, including automobile parts, cans, household appliances, bicycles, and aluminium foil. Aluminium can melt down quickly, which helps save about 90 per cent of the energy it takes to create aluminium products. Aluminium can also be reused, making it significant and environmentally friendly. Selling aluminium for scrap is an easy way to earn extra cash and keeping the environment clean.

3. Copper

You will earn more money when you find and scrap copper since it’s in high demand at scrap yards. You will need to research the current copper prices and scrap copper prices per kg today before selling your copper since the prices fluctuate. The most valuable copper is bare bright copper, which is 99% pure copper. Copper is vital and is used in the manufacture of construction materials, motors and industrial machinery.

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The best thing to scrap for money

1. Packaging and cans

One of the great ways to begin selling scrap metal is to collect all your soft drinks, beer and food cans. Aluminium is also found in aerosol cans, including cleaning sprays and empty deodorant cans. You can also find this valuable metal in takeaway food pie trays and containers.

2. Car parts

Aluminium is used extensively in car manufacturing and can be found in car parts, including cylinders and wheels. Aluminium is recycled and used to make casting alloys for gearboxes and engines.

3. Utensils

The kitchen is an incredible place to look for scrap aluminium since you can find it in various kitchen utensils, including baking trays, cookware and cutlery.

4. Electronics

Electronic equipment, including gaming consoles, iPods and computers, contain aluminium. Do not throw away this electronic equipment since they have essential aluminium elements that you can sell to a metal scrap yard and make some money.

5. Household Wiring and Cables

Copper is a perfect material for wiring since it can conduct electricity and transport energy. At home, we can find plenty of wiring and cables that contain copper inside them. Whenever renovations or demolition takes place, we can carefully remove the wires from the walls and place them together with other copper items.

6. Small Appliances

Not only wiring and cables, but small household appliances also contain copper. You can find it in coffee makers, toasters, microwave ovens or blenders. All of them have copper wiring you can remove easily using scissors.

7. Roofing and Plumbing

Not only copper, but brass is also a perfect material for various roofing and plumbing items. Brass can preserve its colour for a long time, unlike copper which will turn from brown to green over time. Bidets, channel drains, faucets, hose bibs and sinks are mostly brass-based. 

8. Handles and Railings

There are more household items that contain brass that you may not notice and it’s within your reach. Not only an elegant material, but brass is also antimicrobial. Doorknobs and railings in your home are partly made of brass. 

Price of copper per kg

Recycling scrap metal has enormous benefits since it helps us make some extra cash and keep the environment clean. Below is a preview of certain types of brass, copper, and aluminium per kilogram in Perth.

Aluminium Cans               $0.10 to $0.20 per kilogram

Copper                                $4.00 to $6.00 per kilogram

Clean brass                        $1.50 to $2.50 per kilogram

If you want to get rid of aluminium, brass, copper or any other recyclable metal, reach out to the best “scrap metal recycling near me“. Dream Lucky Scrap Metal will recycle your valuable scrap metal and household items and trade them for a fair price. Recycled metals help stimulate and enhance growth in many industries, including manufacturing, construction and utilities. We have a reliable customer support team that will provide you with essential information about their services and the various scrap metal prices. Contact us now at 0411 747 174.

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