What to Prepare Before Starting a Demolition

What to Prepare Before Starting a Demolition Project

Do you have a plan to demolish your property?

Building knockdown seems like a common thing in the construction industry these days, since every place in Australia has excavators and machines that support any demolition project, from a huge old house to a mega-large mansion. The process seems simple, do the knockdown, clean-up the demolition waste and build a new property. However, it can be more complicated and exhausting if we didn’t do the demolition process correctly. If you don’t manage the demolition waste responsibly, you will put yourself in trouble and harm the environment. We need to be responsible for the demolition waste by hiring reliable demolition clean up services.

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We also require well-prepared planning to make sure the demolition process runs smoothly and safely as well. It is essential to determine several considerations before proceeding to the demolition process. What you have in your mind might be far different from the condition on the demolition site. We are here to help you with a list of preparation you can do before moving ahead. Read on below to find some tips on making your demolition hassle-free.

Are you planning a demolition? Read this first.

  1. Choose a Demolition Method

Before starting to demolish the property, you need to determine which way you want to use for the demolition. The best method will depend on the structure of the building. That is why a building assessment is needed to figure this out.

One of the most used demolition methods is mechanical demolition which is using hydraulic excavators and heavy machinery. The second method is deconstruction, which is a manual demolition method usually called ‘demolition by hand’. This method is suitable if you want to recycle the building material.

The last one is a combination of both methods. They use the manual one first, take the needed material for recycling and then continue with the mechanical demolition. After choosing the most suitable demolition method, don’t forget how you will take care of the debris. Search for reliable demolition clean up services companies nearby to make sure you can manage the demolition waste properly.

  1. Hire the Right Demolition Contractor 

Although the demolition process looks simple, it needs experience and skills. Hire an insured and licensed demolition contractor to make sure you will get the best result and service. The demolition contractor will suggest you the best demolition method for your demolition planning. They also will give you details about what you need to prepare, a list of their job and suggestion about which demolition clean-up services are suitable for your project. You should read the contract carefully to ensure there is no error and understand what lies in it.

  1. Get a Professional for House Inspection

When discussing the contract with your contractor, you need to ensure what you have to prepare before the demolition. A building inspection is one thing you need to check with the contractor. You have to get the building inspected by a professional. The hazardous building materials require different treatments, so with the building assessment, you can run the demolition safely.

  1. Prepare the Permits You Need

A demolition project is an event that requires some permits. To make the process easier, you need to ensure the title of the property is in your name. You can ask the hired contractor regarding the details of the permits you need to prepare. Some of it is Tree Permit and Asset Protection, which both you can check with your local council. You may contact your local council for more information.

  1. Ensure to Disconnect the Services

There are several services and utilities you need to disconnect before starting the demolition project. It includes electricity connection, water supply, sewage and gas. By ensuring you have terminated all services, you can run a safe demolition project.

  1. Debris Removal 

The removal of demolition waste is as pivotal as the demolition process itself. From the building decoration to the structure’s foundation of the building, they all need proper treatment. We need specific treatment and assistance from the reliable demolition recycling Perth company to safely remove the demolition waste.


Handling a demolition project can be far harder than we think. It is very tricky, especially if it is your first project. You should hire a professional contractor as well as a professional waste demolition service to get all your problem covered. In Perth, our company, Dream Lucky Scrap Metal, has done many types of waste demolition recycling. You may contact our team for further information.

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