Demolition Clean Up

Demolition projects always mean there is going to be a huge demolition clean up job. All those materials will need to be disposed of before any new building can take place, if that is the plan.

Dream Lucky Scrap Metal Recyclers & Exporters in Perth are your local specialists when it comes to:

  • Construction demolition
  • House demolition
  • House demolition salvage
  • Recycled building materials
  • Commercial and Industrial demolition
  • Farming machinery shed demolition
  • And more…

As a material recycler dedicated to demolition building material recycling, reusing demolition and construction waste material is our specialty. Not only does it make good business sense, but it’s kind to the environment in the process. As demolition contractors we can perform both the demolition job as well as an effective cleanup and recycling.

House Demolition Clean Up Service

Many times homes get demolished either to construct a brand new home, or clear the land for the development of shops or a block of apartments. Dream Lucky specialises in both the demolition and cleanup processes for residential premises.

We perform the demolition process in a safe and methodical manner, separating recyclable items and materials and carting them away for our recycled building materials process.

If you are having a house demolished by another company, then call us in for the cleanup and house demolition salvage operation.

Commercial Demolition Clean Up Service Perth

Armed with the latest equipment and processes, construction and commercial demolition forms a core component of our overall operation. These days there is a firm focus on doing everything in an environmentally friendly manner, so whether you have your own demolition contractors and just need a cleanup afterwards, or whether you want our crew to do both, we’ll make sure to distribute recycled building materials in the appropriate manner.

Farming Machinery Shed Demolition

Again, this is another of our specialist services at Dream Lucky Scrap Metal Recyclers & Exporters. Many farming machinery sheds are made of metal, so when these are demolished, they make for perfect recycled building materials.

Contract us to do the farming machine shed demolition and the cleanup, or simply get our experts in the haul the discarded building materials away for responsible recycling and disposal.

Dream Lucky – A Team You Can Count On

No demolition task and cleanup is too big for our team to handle, and as recyclers and exporters of scrap metal, we are always on the lookout for reusing demolition and construction waste.

Whether it’s a house, commercial premises or farm shed, if it needs to come down and be hauled away, then talk to us first. We can take care of the entire job from start to finish, and we have proudly been serving the Perth area for more than 20 years.

So call today. We look forward to working with you.