Scrap Metal Removal and Recycling in Perth

We all have items we no longer use or need stored in our garage, garden, attic or spare room. This includes old laptops and mobile phones, BBQs, outgrown bikes and even old cars. There are two main reasons why these items haven’t been disposed of. Firstly many people don’t know where to get rid of it and secondly it is easier to just store it and put it out of mind, than deal with the hassle of hiring a van, loading it up and taking it to your nearest dumpsite.  But there is another way which is not only cheaper and easier, but you actually get paid. Yep scrap metal removal is the best way to dispose of all your unwanted items AND get paid for it.

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What constitutes Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal includes but is not limited to aluminium, copper in Perth, steel and brass as well as any product which contains steel and can be recycled. Some scrap metal pick up Perth companies like us even buy unwanted cars, bikes and car components as well as e-products.

These scrap metals have a high market price, with their capacity to be re-used time and again. For example, electrical contractors could have cables and electrical devices, plumbing technicians are likely to have copper piping and brass components and building companies will have numerous unwanted beams of steel that could be given a new lease of life. But usually these are thrown into the dump, adding to the problem of overfilled sites and lack of environmental awareness. In other words scrap recycling will helping the environment.

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Prior to reusing any type of steel, it is worth identifying whether a steel is ferrous or non-ferrous. This is a very straightforward procedure and all you need is a magnet. If the magnet stays with your metal, it is a ferrous steel. If the metal does not adhere to your magnet it is a non-ferrous steel. Why is this important? Well the most beneficial scrap metal recycling Perth are non-ferrous; the most common of which do not include iron and are a lot more immune to deterioration. These metals are copper, brass, aluminium, zinc, magnesium, tin, lead as well as nickel. The most useful of these non-ferrous materials is brass which often has a mix of zinc and copper which makes it exceptionally dense, thus increasing in value due to it’s higher weight. Aluminium is another commonly featured metal which can be reused in so many different ways. Empty beverages and food canisters are the most typical areas to find this metal, but areas such as guttering, exterior siding, inner and outside door and window frames are also made from significant amounts of aluminium. Aluminium is such an attractive metal for recyclers as the process saves 80% of the energy that was made use of to make it in the first place.

Ferrous metals are less important to metal recyclers but they will certainly still recover some worth if you have sufficient amount of it. This consists of metals such as steel and iron. Steel is everywhere from cars to chairs, cabinets, shelving and more.

Yet another metal that will give you good value is Copper. If the copper is in good problem it will be red in colour, while the more used copper fixtures and installations will appear dark brown. Copper is a flexible steel which is why it is frequently used as plumbing pipes, roof covering product for guttering, electric wires and inside cooling systems,

Where can I sell my scrap metal?

When it comes to selling your scrap metal you want to choose an established, reputable and knowledgeable company who specialise specifically in scrap metal pick up like us. Here at Dream Lucky, our aim is to provide a quick, hassle-free and convenient scrap metal recycling service.

With over 2 decades of experience, when it comes to scrap metal removal Perth, we are number one in terms of reliability, our offering and customer service.

From copper, brass, aluminium and steel, to car parts including batteries, alternators, alloy wheels and electric motors. We even take old unroadworthy cars off your hands and pay instant cash with our car removal Perth service.

What price can I expect to receive from scrap metal removalPerth?

Here at Dream Lucky, we make use of the very best practices for both ferrous and non-ferrous steels and ensure complete accuracy in our weighing as well as rates. So the cost we pay is the price you should have.

Prices range from 0.10 cents per aluminium can to $30 per gram of platinum metal! Note: conditions apply and prices are a guide only and not a guarantee. They may be subject to change at any time without notice. For a thorough and more accurate quote, simply email us a photo of your scrap metal item from all angles along with a detailed description of the conditions the metal, the quantity and a weight estimate and we can organise scrap metal removal where we will come to you so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

So for scrap metal removal and scrap metal recycling yard in Perth think Dream Lucky Scrap Metal and contact us today!